Continuous Casting Machine

Rayat GmbH offers the following services:

  • development & design
  • consultation
  • manufacture
  • installation & maintenance

of contemporary billet continuous casting machines (CCM) in accordance with the customer steelmaking capacity, billet size, steel grades and customer field conditions.

Features of the equipment:

This type CCM can be designed as curved and vertical-bend according to your requirements. It can cast carbon steel, alloy steel and special steels, such as stainless steel. Features include: Automatic hydraulic control, automatic secondary cooling water distribution, compressed air-water cooling system.

Plant consists of:

Equipment foundation and civil works,Steel structure platform,Casting radius,Strand number,Ladle support, turret, ladle transfer car, fixed support, Tundish, Tundish car, Tundish roaster, Mould ,Oscillation device,Secondary cooling system, Dummy bar, Dummy bar storage device,Withdrawal straightening machine,Approach roller table,Automatic cutting machine Transmit roller table,Cooling bed,Pusher,Hydraulic system, Computer and PLC system.

Rayat-GmbH - Continuous Casting Machine
Rayat-GmbH - Continuous Casting Machine